Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Oh Disney...

Oh your such an inspiration to me!! There is a current contest hosted by Tynea Tyghtline and its to create a Sugar Skull look. Full face or half face...sooo I decided to be different and decided to do it a little different and try something I havent seen before. A Snow White inspired look!

I took a photo with the costume and hair, but unfortunately, I didnt like how they were coming out. Thank goodness for iPhone photos! haha

This is my favorite picture of it. Really shows how the face is falling off to show the sugar skull

Head on over to the Tynea Tyghtline facebook page and check out the looks! Idk if its completely "like" based but if it is, a like from you would be lovely! And as always, if I win, ill share with a fan :)

Have a beautiful rest of the week everyone!


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